Friday, January 20, 2012

10 QR Code Tips Question #2 Addendum

This is an addendum to tip # 2 of the 10 QR Code Tips To Know Before Any QR Campaign.

About tip #2 I use Google Shortener to do 2 things:
  • A. Create a shortened ur.
  • B. Generate tracking analytics.

Using a shortened url creates a less complex QR code, thus reducing the likelihood of a scan error. I know the google shortener creates a QR code, but I don't use that code, I just use it for analytic tracking purposes. For generating a QR code (This has to do with #3) I use Kerem Erkan’s QR Code Generator because it has tons of options and best of all it produces a .eps and .svg QR code, both vector formats that allow for near infinite flexibility. Trying to vectorize using livetrace produces horrible results and hand vectoring is time consuming.

The analytics on the shortener aren't as complex or as indepth as the google analytic's interface, but for my purposes they worked just fine. The information that provides in its details are Referrers, Countries, Browsers and Platforms as well as how many "click" or in our case scans.

Originally the reason I began tracking my QR codes was to gather the demographic information of how many people scanned the code and what type of phone they were using, that way I could format my mobile content in a way that was best suited for the average user.

Also related to management, I book marked all of my QR code links, gave them descriptive names and kept them in a folder to keep better track of them. (e.g. vCard Url Tracking - The interface isn't the best and it gets more difficult to as more codes are created.

This step comes in handy when testing which QR/Call To Action or what ever variable combination is more successful.

I hope that explaination helped at least a little bit.

Adrian Davis
Interactive Media Designer

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